Protect your family and home using Living benefits term insurance

Protect your family and home using Living benefits term insurance

  • 52% of Americans reaching 65 will need some type of Long-term illness care in their lifetimes*. The traditional solution for covering these expenses was a long-term care policy. Life insurance chronic illness riders can help reduce the unexpected financial strain due to a chronic illness by providing access to cash while LIVING. Take a look at these eye-opening long-term illness care statistics.
  • Medicare pays for the first 100 days.
  • It costs less than coffee. Example male of 40 years in good health for15 year protection will cost $1 or less per day
  • If you want protection for health, home, retirement income for life, and tax-free loan option then check any video from this library of videos clicking here

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How will you pay for potential long-term care expenses

QoL® Select Choice II Accelerated Benefit Riders

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