A Few Words About Us

As a Financial advisor, i help you plan for your child’s future, optimize your salary tax planning, crystallize your retirement goals and assist you to protect your family. We provide you the tools to live the best life possible with the money you have.

Personalized Financial Advice Plan

You are unique. Your hopes and dreams are unique as are your beliefs and feelings about money. How you wish to live your life is unique. Our advice is also unique and personal to You.

Get your finances in order

Simplify your investments, insurance, various savings accounts and other financial holdings. Get peace of mind.

Meet future financial commitments

Plan for your child’s higher education, your new apartment, your retirement and various other goals.

Avoid costly financial mistakes

Use us a sounding board while making major financial decisions. We’ll do the research necessary to ensure you have the detailed information.

Financial Plan

10 day package $200

  • Child’s Higher education planning
  • The 8 Fundamental Principles of Retirement Planning
  • Life Insurance & Annuity Training
  • Insurance planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Phone/Virtual Meetings
  • 90 days support